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Fees and Expenses and Withdrawal Information

​The American University of Beirut is a non-profit institution. Costs to students in tuition and other university fees are kept at a minimum, consistent with the provision of high quality instruction and adequate facilities and equipment. The university reserves the right to change any or all fees at any time without prior notice. Such changes are applicable to students currently registered at the university as well as to new students.

Students are not permitted to enter classes at the beginning of the term until their fees are paid or special arrangements have been made with the Office of the Comptroller (see below).

Payment of Fees

  • Each AUB student must pay all her/his tuition and other university fees.
  • Statements of fees are available on the AUB website.
  • All students must complete registration and the payment of tuition fees and other charges according to the academic calendar on page 15 for the first and second terms. Under special circumstances, late payment is permitted during a period of no more than five working days after the announced deadline and is subject to a late payment fee of $100.
  • Checks must be issued to the order of the bank concerned using the following format: Pay to the order of (Name of Bank)—Account AUB.
  • Students with zero or credit balances must inform the Office of the Comptroller— Students Section via email at compt— to finalize their registration.
  • Sponsored students, staff dependents, graduate assistants, and student staff members should contact the Office of the Comptroller—Students Accounts Section— before the payment deadline in order to finalize their registration.
  • Students who demonstrate financial need must formally apply to the Office of the Comptroller for deferred payment arrangements for tuition fees according to the academic calendar on page 15 for the first and second terms. Applications for deferrals are not accepted thereafter. Deferred payments are not a right and are only agreed to under specific and special circumstances. Students who arrange for deferred payments are still required to complete all registration formalities within the set deadlines. Deferred payment arrangements are not permitted for the summer session in any faculty.
  • Applications for deferred payment arrangements are reviewed by the Office of the Comptroller, which is responsible for administering all deferred payment arrangements.
  • All students who apply for deferred payment arrangements must pay at least 50 percent of the net amount of tuition due. All other charges must be paid in full with no deferrals. A student must pay a deferred payment application fee of $33, whether the application is approved or not. Should the student’s application be approved, the student must pay the balance of tuition, the deferred application fee of $33, and an interest of 1 percent per month on the deferred amount. All payment must be concluded by the announced deadlines.
  • Every student granted deferred payment arrangements must sign a statement indicating agreement that failure to complete payment by the set deadline will result in receiving no credit for the term in which the student has defaulted on payment.
  • Due dates are not extended nor are late payment fees waived for any reason.
  • Students are expected to meet all financial obligations to the university by the appropriate due date. For any student who fails to promptly meet her/his financial obligations, the university reserves the right to place an encumbrance on the student’s record that prevents registration for future terms and the release of transcripts and diplomas, and also prevents access to other university services. It is each student’s responsibility to be informed of all registration and fee payment dates and deadlines.

Up-to-date schedules for registration and payment of fees are available through the Office of the Registrar. This information, as well as the tuition fee tables, is also on the following website:

Office of the Registrar

American University of Beirut PO Box 11-0236

Riad El Solh 1107 2020 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961-1-374274/374444 Ext: 2570/2571

Fax: +961-1-744469



In the event a student withdraws for justifiable reasons after registration, fees are refunded according to the following schedule for the fall and spring terms:

Before the official start of classes
100% of full tuition and other fees1
During the first week of classes 
75% of tuition
During the second week of classes50% of tuition
During the third week of classes25% of tuition

The following schedule is applied in refunding fees for the summer session:

Before the official start of classes
100% of full tuition and other fees
During the first week of classes   
75% of tuition
During the second week of classes   
25% of tuition

For additional information, contact:

Office of the Comptroller–Student Accounts Section

During Winter Session and in the event a student withdraws for justifiable reasons after registration, fees are refunded according to the following schedule:

During the first two days of the Winter Session: 50% refund

1) Other charges include health insurance plan, internet fee, social activity fee, and NSSF

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