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Financial Aid

AUB offers financial aid to qualified students in the form of need-based financial aid grants and merit scholarships. Student work-study and graduate assistantships are also offered through the student affairs office and the graduate council respectively.

Financial need is a necessary condition for a financial aid grant. Need is assessed for each student on the basis of factors such as family income, number of siblings enrolled in school/university, assets such as home(s), car(s), and other properties. Assessments are made by the Interfaculty Financial Aid Committee using an application for financial aid completed by the student and his/her family before the required deadline.

Need-Based Financial Aid Grants

Grants are outright awards of assistance, mainly for undergraduate and medical students, based on demonstrated need. Graduate students may receive such grants, if eligible, to cover part of the tuition taking into consideration the Graduate Assistantship received. Selection is based solely on need. Financial aid application window is open for a specific period announced on the financial aid website During this period, all prospective students who submit an AUB admissions application will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office with information on the financial aid process, how to access the financial aid application and individual deadlines . Enrolled students wishing to apply for financial aid should send an email to and will receive a reply with all necessary information. Only complete applications are evaluated and grants are valid for the normal period of study as long as the student remains in good academic standing.

Merit Scholarships

AUB supports academically talented students through various merit scholarship programs.

The AUB Yearly Merit Scholarship program enables the university to award full-tuition scholarships each year to ten new undergraduates with outstanding academic qualifications. No financial aid application is required. Awards are renewable for each undergraduate year provided that the student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7.

Through the Early Admission Merit Scholarship program, new early admitted applicants will receive a 30% merit scholarship.

The Lebanese Baccalaureate Scholarship program, in cooperation with the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS), allows the best three students in each of the four sections of the Lebanese Baccalaureate to be granted a full-tuition scholarship.

The Liberal Arts Scholarship program promotes liberal arts education in Lebanon and the MENA region, with a vision that emphasizes the importance of undergraduate studies in humanities and social sciences, namely in the following programs: Arabic Language and Literature; Archaeology; Art History; Education/Elementary; English Language; English Literature; History; Philosophy; Sociology-Anthropology; and Studio Arts. Interested candidates must complete both an admissions and a financial aid application indicating only one chosen field of study. Entering freshmen students are not eligible for this scholarship, but can apply after they successfully complete their freshman year. Awardees will receive 70% of the tuition fees throughout their undergraduate education at AUB, and during normal period of study provided they remain in good academic standing.

Governmental Student Aid for North American Students

U.S. Federal Student Loans

Student loans are available for American students pursuing their studies at AUB. These low-interest loans are offered by the U.S. Treasury in the form of Direct Stafford and PLUS loans. Applications are submitted yearly online at Students who are American citizens or permanent residents, enrolled at AUB in a regular degree program, and maintaining a satisfactory academic progress are eligible for such loans.

The need of eligible students is assessed by the Loan Unit in the Financial Aid Office based on established criteria by the U.S. Federal Student Aid program. Students must start repaying these loans after graduation following a six month grace period.

AUB and AUB’s Office of Financial Aid have developed a portal for obtaining consumer information about the university and its offered federal loans. These data can be used as a resource to identify important university information in various areas including academic programs, admissions and financial aid, student outcome, and health and safety policies and procedures.

The consumer information portal is found at

Canadian Grants and Loans

The Government of Canada offers student grants and loans to eligible Canadian students enrolled at AUB.

Students can go to the student grants and loans service of their province to find out if they’re eligible for student grants and loans, to know how much they can receive, and to apply for the student grants and/or optional loans in one application.

Provinces and territories may cover one or more of the following: tuition, books, equipment and supplies, mandatory student fees, and living expenses.

A list of provincial and territorial student aid offices with links are found at

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