American Univesity of Beirut

Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management (LDEM) Undergraduate Program

​Abunnasr, Yaser
​Talhouk, Salma; Zurayk, Rami (ECOM Program Coordinator)
​Associate Professor:
​Abunnasr, Yaser
​Assistant Professors:
​Al-Akl, Nayla; Dreksler, Beata
​Adjunct Assistant professor:​Trovato, Maria Gabriella
​Senior Lecturers:
​Abboud, Rania; PBattikha, George; PKhechen, Mona; Stevenson, Graham; PYazigi, Serge
Lecturers:​Bacha, Karim; PBadran, Noura; PIssa, Maha; PMelhem, Wissam; PNader, Halim: PShaiban, Houssam; PYassine, Sarah Lily
Instructor:​Fabian, Monika

Undergraduate Program

The mission of the department is to promote a holistic view of landscape and the environment within its students and to equip them with cutting-edge, scientific knowledge and creative, flexible skills for the design and management of natural and cultural resources. The essence of the department lies in its interdisciplinary nature, both in teaching and research, with applications in the large Middle Eastern region. To that end, the department builds on the strong linkages established with other academic units within and outside the faculty.

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) program received accreditation by LAAB/ ASLA (Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board/ American Society of Landscape Architects) in September 2021 for a period of six years, making it the first BLA program worldwide to be accredited by LAAB outside the USA.

The following design courses are part of the program requirements. There is a grade average requirement for LDEM 202, LDEM 216, LDEM 222, LDEM 204, LDEM 228 and LDEM 246, LDEM 241 and LDEM 242. A student should maintain a combined average of 70 (C+ or GPA: 2.3) in two consecutive design studios within a given year. Failure to achieve this will result in the student having to repeat the design studio in which s/he received the lowest grade.

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