American Univesity of Beirut

Program of Medical Audiology Sciences

Assistant Professor of Public Health Practice:
​Abu Safieh, Malek
Assistant Instructors:Kaadan, Mohamad; Lababidi, Maya

This program is run in coordination with the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine. The mission of the Medical Audiology Sciences (MAS) Program is to prepare students for a successful career in audiology by providing them with a foundation in liberal arts education, coupled with a high-quality clinical education that is underpinned by the fundamental sciences of audiology and a rigorous scientific approach. The academic program is designed to produce skilled clinicians who follow professional standards and ethical principles while serving individuals with hearing or balance disorders in Lebanon and the region. Through various professional and community service activities, the program strives to build in its students the importance of continuing education, developing leadership skills, as well as advocating and supporting the needs of all persons with hearing and vestibular disorders. The mission of the program is consistent with the mission of the institution in that it stresses the importance of providing academic excellence in teaching and research, inspiring students to become leaders in their professional field, as well as helping students develop a lifelong sense of learning and civic responsibility.

To graduate, all students must obtain a minimum grade of 70 in each of ORLG 220, 230, 240 and 250 and a cumulative average of 70 (GPA: 2.2) in the major field of study.

Course Descriptions

​Modes of Analysis
​Languages (9)​Humanities (12)​Social Sciences (9)​Natural Sciences (7)Quantitative Thought (3)​​Major Courses (38+18)​Others (3)
Lecture Course (9+12+9+7+3+36+3)​Required Arabic Course: (3)

Required English Courses: ENGL 203(3), 204(3)
​ENGL 227 (3)

PHIL 205 (3)

2 Electives (6)
​HMPD 204 (3)

HPCH 203 (3)

Elective (3)
​PHYL 246 (4)

PHYS 204 (3)
​EPHD 203 (3)​MAUD 200(1), 201(3), 202(3), 203(3), 204(3), 205(3), 206(3), 207(3), 209(3), 210(3), 211(3), 212(1), 213(3)​HUMR
Lab (1+4+2)​EPHD 203 (3)​MAUD 204(3), 205(2), 206(3), 211(3)​HUMR

Seminar (1)​MAUD 208(3)
Research Project (1)​MAUD 208(3)
Practical Training (18)ORLG 220(3), 230(5), 240(5), 250(5)

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