American University of Beirut

Program of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Coordinator:Melhem, Nada
Associate Professor:Melhem, Nada
Lecturer:Bou Hamdan, Mirna
Instructor:Khatib, Rolla
Assistant Instructor:Lababidi, Maya​

This program is run in coordination with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine.

The Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) Program graduates committed healthcare professionals to serve and improve the health needs of individuals and communities. Our graduates are highly skilled professionals who perform analytical tests on blood, tissue and body fluids to provide laboratory information for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Moreover, our degree guarantees immediate career opportunities and constitutes the foundation for advanced graduate studies in medicine, basic sciences and public health.

Course Description

Modes of Analysis

Understanding Communication - English and Arabic (9)

Cultures and Histories (9), Human Values (3)

Societies and Individuals (6)

Understanding the World (14), Quantitative Reasoning (3)

Major courses (34+20)

Community - Engaged Learning (3)





Required Arabic course (3)

Required English courses: ENGL 203 (3), 204(3)

Cultures and Histories electives (9)

PHIL 205 (3)

HPCH 203(3)

Elective (3)

BIOL 201(4)

CHEM 208(3)

PHYL 246(4)

BIOC 255(3)

EPHD 203(3)

MLSP 201(3), 202(3), 203(3), 204(4), 207(2), 208(2), 259(1)

LABM 201(2), 202(3), 210(2), 231(1), 233(2), 235(1)

MBIM 223(4)

HMPD 204 (3)
Lab (4+4)   

BIOL 201(4)

CHEM 209(2)

EPHD 203(3)

MLSP 203(3),

MLSP 204(4),

MBIM 223(4)

Seminar (1)    MLSP 211(1) 


Training (20)

    LABM 220(4), 230(4), 240(4), 250(2), 260(2), 270(2), 280(2) ​

MBIM 223 is a major required course in the discipline. However, it is not counted in the major average. Only LABM and MLSP courses count towards major average.

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