Accessible Education

AUB is required by applicable Lebanese Law, US Federal Law (Section 504 ADAAA), as well as its own commitment to inclusion and diversity addressed within its Non-Discrimination Policy to provide auxiliary aids and services for qualified students with documented disabilities if such aids are needed to provide equitable access to AUB’s programs and services. Please note that a diagnosis alone does not qualify a student for accommodations under the ADAAA. Accommodations allow for equal access to academic life and resources, but still do not guarantee student success.

AUB strives to foster an inclusive university community that welcomes, respects, and values people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.  In concert with this mission, the Accessible Education Office within the Office of Student Affairs exists to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities to the academic, social, and recreational activities and programs here at AUB. To achieve this goal, the Accessible Education Office (AEO) works in collaboration with students, faculty, and staff to implement services and accommodations that remove barriers to participation in a robust and well-rounded student experience. The provision of such accommodations is in accordance with the university’s commitment to these goals, AUB’s non-discrimination policy and practices, as well as relevant US federal law. The Accessible Education Office works in an individual and confidential manner with students who choose to disclose disabilities.  Upon admittance to AUB, students seeking accommodations must contact the AEO and set up an appointment to discuss their needs.  

The Accessible Education Office at AUB determines a student’s eligibility for accommodations based on a multiple source evaluation process. The process includes: meeting with the student and discussing their self-reported needs and struggles, history of accommodations (School or University), diagnostic information and clinical assessments, clinician’s observation and reports, and therapeutic and treatment progress. In order to ensure both the integrity of the service provided and that the student is receiving the accommodations they need, information about each student’s disability is carefully considered on a case-by-case basis.

​Deadline to request accommodations for Fall term  will be extended until the last day of classes 

Kindly find the below Verification Forms:

FORM A: Special needs verification form (Physical Conditions)

FORM B: Special needs verification form​​ (learning disabilities & psychological conditions)



              Ms. Nadine Ghalayini

      Accessible Education Officer
            Student Affairs Office
          West Hall – Room 314