Confidentiality And Privacy Agreement

​The peer support center is a safe space where confidentiality and privacy MUST be strictly respected. Trainers, peer supporters, and peer support staff members should not share any information related to peer support outside of the center.

Information such as identifiable information, grades, and or personal issues about the students seeking support should not be shared by any of the parties involved within the peer support realm. Students seeking support have the right to share their experiences with confidence that what they share will not be spoken outside. Individuals who do not respect this code of ethics will be dismissed from the peer support group and no longer given a chance to be provide nor receive support.

Peer support could be considered a network, where different individuals can join their efforts to aid the group into progress. Peer supporters may have to discuss some issues with the supervisors for further guidance and training. All information shared will strictly abide by all confidentiality and privacy policies.

In a few emergency cases, confidentiality and privacy can’t be maintained, but on the contrary has to be breached. Here are a few situations were confidentiality should be breached:

  1.  A student seeking support has a medical emergency and needs urgent medical care.
  2. A student’s own life may be at risk or they are at risk of hurting others.

Peer supporters should understand that they are not trained enough to handle high risk crisis situations. If the peer supporter or the student seeking support feels like they are at risk of hurting themselves or others they should either:

  • Walk themselves or have someone assist them personally to the Counseling Center at AUB, located in West Hall 2nd floor.
  • Walk themselves or have someone assist them personally to the ER at AUBMC.