Confidentiality Policy


​In a manner consistent with legal, ethical, and moral standards, no information regarding a
student’s counseling relationship or records concerning the student’s case will be shared with
others without prior written consent from the student. Until the student signs a waiver permitting
the AUB Counseling Center therapists to obtain, release, or share information relevant to the
student’s counseling relationship or case, the AUB Counseling Center therapists may not share
the information with anyone e.g. other therapists, UHS, parents etc. This also includes not
discussing an AUB counseling Center case in the presence of others. Similarly, AUB Counseling
Center therapists will not have private discussions with students in public spaces.
In accordance with the Counseling Center confidentiality policy, student records will be held at
the AUB Counseling Center and totally separate from the general medical record held in UHS.
The student’s concerned therapist only will have access to the student’s counseling record. Case
files are not to be left in public view or where there is public access. Case files will be destroyed
after seven years’ inactivity.

Legal responsibilities required of AUB Counseling Center therapists impose exceptions to the
confidentiality policy and practice described above. Sharing information with others without the
student’s prior consent will occur in the event of:
  • A student’s dangerousness to him/her self or to others.
  • In some cases, a student’s involvement in prior or current physical abuse of a minoror elder, or
  • The court’s subpoena of AUB Counseling Center records.

AUB Counseling Center therapists have a moral and ethical responsibility to be extremely
sensitive to a student’s right to privacy; maintenance of privacy is a major aspect of the
requisite trust which is at the foundation of any successful counseling relationship. To this
end, the confidentiality policy described above is put into effect. ​