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The AEO at AUB is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all information related to students seeking accommodation services. We adhere to strict ethical standards and legal requirements to ensure the protection of sensitive information. This confidentiality statement outlines our commitment to safeguarding personal and accessibility-related data. Information will only be disclosed to university staff on a need-to-know basis and with the explicit consent of the individual concerned.

The AEO strives to provide equitable accommodations for students with disabilities. Students are encouraged to submit documentation well in advance of their anticipated need for accommodations to minimize delay in the process.

AEO provides reasonable academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Students who receive academic accommodations must complete all course requirements as set by their instructors. Accommodations do not interfere with the fundamental requirements or objectives of the course. ​

Documentation Guidelines

  • Accommodations are not retroactive and must be submitted at the beginning of each semester. Accommodations cannot be issued before an initial meeting with the AEO.
  • AEO does not guarantee success, it offers equitable opportunities for students to fulfill their academic needs.
  • Since every student’s journey is different, AEO offers academic accommodations on a case-by-case basis depending on student reports and assessments, history of need, and current academic needs. 
  • AEO reserves the right to request supporting documentation for requested services, this should be completed as soon as possible because accommodations are not retroactive. Documentation must provide information on specific functional limitations, and demonstrate the need for specific academic accommodations.

The AEO requires documentation of the student's disability as a prerequisite to determining eligibility for accommodations and provision of services. 

If you are a student with a documented disability or condition that is affecting your academic achievement and requires accommodations, you need to:
  • ​Submit the Student Accessibility Request Form before scheduling a meeting with AEO along with the AEO Instructors' Form.
  • Provide AEO with recent and relevant medical, psycho-educational, or psychological documentation including the level of severity, a clear diagnosis, and the impact of the disability on learning.
  • Submit disability verification forms, Form-A for physical conditions, and/or Form-B for Learning Disabilities and psychological Conditions filled by a qualified professional.​
Please note that the professionals conducting evaluations and making recommendations for accommodations must be licensed specialists qualified to assess in the field (psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, neuropsychologist). Also, note that the documentation should be current and directly related to the special need.​

​​Assistive Technology Request Form

Please send the documents​ to ​the AEO at​  ​ ​​

​Contact Information:

Accessible Education Officer 
West Hall - 3rd floor - Room 304
Extension: 3168

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Privacy Statement

We take data privacy seriously and adhere to all applicable data privacy laws and regulations.
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Title IX, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Discriminatory Harassment

AUB is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment to all members of its community.
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