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Student Complaints

This is a one-stop location for AUB students to lodge complaints

If and when efforts to appeal and petition in line with existing policies have failed due to circumstances, this platform allows for an official complaint to be filed. Complaints are and will hopefully remain a last resort and as a general rule it is best if issues are resolved directly and locally with the concerned individual or department through existing guidelines. Please follow existing guidelines for appeal processes for typical requests such as financial aid awards or dropping a course.

We both encourage and caution students who wish to file such a complaint. If there is a clear explanation within the guidelines for a request or appeal that was unsuccessful and you have not been singled out or discriminated upon, do not file a complaint. However, if you encounter a pattern of unfair treatment, harassment, bullying, personal insult, or clear evidence of abuse of an existing process, please file a complaint here.

We hope you may never have to use this platform, but if you do, it is there for you as a further safeguard of your rights!

Procedure for Filing and Tracking Student Complaints:

Students login to the Online Petitions and Forms System to submit a complaint. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the students pick the type of the complaint, write their comments and attach any supporting documents (if available). When the complaint is submitted, an email notification will be sent to the concerned person depending on the workflow of the complaint type. The concerned persons will access the system to review the complaint and log their comments/actions. Students will be able to track the status of their complaints and view the available comments.

Types of Student Complaints and Workflow:

The various types of student complaints are compiled, grouped I​nto categories, and designated a workflow protocol, formalized based on current practices. All complaints are directly forwarded to the Associate Dean in the concerned faculty. The final decision is made by the Associate Dean after consulting with the different parties involved.

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