Student Work Study Program



AUB provides its students with an opportunity to work in its different faculties and departments through the Student Work Study Program (SWSP). Student selection and employment are subject to preset rules and regulations and students are paid based on a fixed scale depending on the work type they perform. Employment through the SWSP is a continuous process throughout the semester.

Work Options

There is a wide variety of student job vacancies at two different pay rates:

  • Simple lab work, guiding/ushering, library work, dorm receptionist, data entry and office work at a pay rate of 6,000LBP per hour.
  • ​Research assistant (RA), teaching assistant (TA), computer programming and web design at 7,000LBP per hour.

Note for Students

To be considered for employment for the Spring Term 2019 all students are expected to fill in and submit the SWS application. Then, students have to be registered in courses as well.  The Spring 2019 Student Work Study Application will be active through AUBsis  from the 17th of January till the 7th of February, 2019.

Note for Departments

As of Tuesday the 22nd of January, 2019, departments can start requesting new students through placing an Oracle request. Meanwhile, for continuing students, the departments can start placing the related requests as of Tuesday the 22nd of January as well (WSP Team will check their eligibility and status) in order to proceed accordingly.


Student Work Study Application Form for Spring 2019 will be processed through banner (AUBsis).

Kindly, it is crucial to follow the SWS User Guide for all the needed details related to placing the request and requesting students.​​​