American University of Beirut

Rights and Responsibilities

​AUB students have the right to

  • an equal opportunity to learn- students with disabilities have the right to request reasonable accommodations
  • respectful treatment by all  community members and
  • reasonable  confidentiality of information in relation to their disability

AUB students have the responsibility to

  • achieve and maintain a satisfactory academic standard, regularly attend classes, manage their time, submit assignments, and regularly communicate with faculty members and AEO when needed;
  • disclose their disability to the university by applying and registering with the AEO early in the semester;
  • provide the required documentation to support their request for accommodations;
  • communicate the need to renew the letter of accommodation to the AEO every semester;
  • discuss their letter of accommodations and its applicability in every course, once issued, with each professor;
  • regularly check their AUB emails for any messages or notices from the AEO;
  • contact the AEO immediately in case of any issues related to the letter of accommodations;
  • meet course requirements and standards as set on the course syllabus;
  • meet AEO deadlines and
  • treat all community members respectfully.


AUB faculty members have the right to

  • seek further clarifications regarding any particular accommodation,
  • fail any student who has not successfully passed the course or met the course requirements;
  • determine the course content and outcomes, teaching methods, grading criteria and
  • assess and grade students equally and fairly if reasonable accommodations have been applied.

AUB faculty members have the responsibility to

  • accommodate students with disabilities by ensuring the application of  the reasonable accommodations enlisted in the letters of accommodations;
  • treat  students in a non-discriminatory manner;
  • maintain student confidentiality;
  • create a comfortable environment for the student within the classroom community and
  • refer students to the AEO if they observe learning difficulties of any kind.


The Accessible Education Office has the right to

  • request, receive, and evaluate the submitted documentation supporting students' requests for accommodations;
  • determine the adequacy of the submitted documentation;
  • deny a request for accommodations or academic adjustment in case the documentation is considered incomplete or inappropriate and
  • determine the effective and appropriate accommodations or course adjustments or services​, in light of the submitted documentation and student needs.


The Accessible Education Office has the responsibility to

  • maintain appropriate confidentiality  of documents and records except when disclosure is required by the law;
  • provide reasonable accommodations, suggest course adjustments and/or auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities in their educational programs and journey and
  • communicate students' letters of accommodations with relevant faculty members every semester.​


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Title IX, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Discriminatory Harassment

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