Room Reservation

​​​​​​Available Rooms for Reservation in West Hall​​​

      Auditorium A ​​​ ​                  


      West Hall First Floor (Room 104)
      90 movable chairs (layout can be changed)
      LCD projector, screen, sound system


     Auditorium B


     West Hall Second Floor (Room 209)
     80 chairs (movable)
     LCD projector, screen, sound system, DVD

       Auditorium C​​                                                                             


     West Hall Third Floor (Room 330)                                         
     60 movable chairs (layout can be changed)                       
     LCD projector                  

      Bathish Auditorium                                                           ​​
     West Hall Second Floor (Room 202 )
     238 fixed chairs
     LCD projector, sound system, DVD

      West Hall Room 310

     West Hall Room 310.JPG

       West Hall Third Floor 
       23 chairs (U shape)
       LCD projector​​

                                                         Click here to reserve any room​

Other West Hall rooms are available, but can be reserved via email to:

  • Malhas Hall or Common Room (West Hall room 102): Used for exhibitions, dinners and other student activities. It includes 2 LCD screens (42"), a sound system, and an LCD projector.​
  • West Hall room B08: Used for different student activities. It contains movable tables and chairs and an LCD projector​.
                                                                                             ​West Hall Maintenance and Repair Form
                                                                                             Room reservation form (for departments only)​