Experiential Learning

​​​​​​​Job Shadowing Program:

​​What is job shadowing & how it works?

Job shadowing is when a student is selected to shadow a professional during a normal working day to help the student understand what a day at work might look like.

Students can gain knowledge on a particular field of interest or job role by getting this exposure in a professional workplace aside from the academic and classroom knowledge they are acquiring. This will also support students in understanding their career choices and the skills required to excel and standoutin different job roles.​

A typical job shadowing day includes:

  1. ​ Company presentation on products, services, organizational culture, values, structure, career opportunities and personal growth.
  2. Company tour allows the student to understand the different departments, sections and overall organizational structure.
  3.  Meet ups with key professionals that can add value to the student’s knowledge.
  4. Overview of the projects taking place & of a specific job role that the student might be interested in.
  5.  Have a resume/cover letter check, advise the student on interview tips and other career related skills.

Company Visits:

A company visit will include a visit of a small group of students (2-5 students) from a specific major visiting the company premises for a one – two hours orientation or presentation of the company.

Student visits is a great opportunity for students to hear out from professionals and interact with
employees. It also helps companies in raising awareness on their employer’s brand image by ​sharing stories, achievements & industry know how.

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