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Plan a Career Event

​​The Career Hub works closely with employers through a number of career activities on campus:​​

  1. Job Fair: The annual job fair is the biggest career event that takes place on the AUB campus and connects hundreds of students and alumni with local, regional, and multinational employers. This event allows you to tap into this pool of talented AUB students and alumni and walk away with top-engaged new hires who are ready to drive positive impact and continuous growth! 
  2. “Hire On Campus” Career Event: This event is advertised to more than 20,000 AUB graduates and more than 8,500 current students at AUB through the Career Hub website, social media, emailers, and AUB online community. During this event, you can also set up your portable banners at the location of the presentation.
  3. Recruitment Presentation: You are welcome to carry out a recruitment presentation anytime throughout the year. Recruitment presentations are one way to raise employer brand awareness, engage with students and share insights and knowledge.
  4. Workshops/Coffee Chat Sessions: This is a  great way to identify talented students. You can run a workshop targeted at a small group of students or alumni or an informal chat session following a presentation.
  5. Individual Interviews: We can provide you with facilities to conduct individual interviews for AUB students and alumni on campus – West Hall building.                                                    ​Note: The Company HR Representative is responsible to notify the selected candidates of the interviewing schedule in terms of date, time, and location. A copy of the interviewing schedule should be emailed to​ & interviews results must be shared with the Career Hub team.
  6. Assessment Centers: We can assist you in planning for an assessment center by providing you with a suitable venue and setup. It will be the responsibility of the HR representative to notify the selected candidates of the test schedule in terms of date, time, and location. A copy of the assessment schedule should be emailed to the Career Hub team at
  7. Other events can be scheduled based on your request.

For any type of career event taking place at the AUB campus, all company representatives must ensure they have a signed and stamped access form. Contact to get a copy of this form. The Career Hub office is not held responsible if the AUB Protection Office prevents the firm representatives from entering the AUB premises.

Important Notes:

  • Wireless Connection: Participating firm representatives interested in wireless connection should arrange the service either by purchasing a “mobi” device or by any other means.
  • Car Parking: Parking is not available within AUB Campus; however, you may park your car in any of the nearby parking lots.​​

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