Eligibility Criteria

 Eligibility for Student Housing & room reservation criteria starting from AY 2015-16


To be eligible to live in AUB Student Housing facilities, you must be enrolled as full time student for the academic year (AY) you are applying to. The application submission is via one of the 3 below phases:

  • Phase 1: Fall & Spring of each AY
  • Phase 2: Spring term (for new housing applicants only)
  • Phase 3: Summer term (for summer applicants only)


    Among current & new students who applied on time, the priority of room reservation is given to:
  • New freshman students (International applicants followed by local applicants)
  • New International students on institutional agreement requiring university housing to be offered (e.g. Exchange program etc...)
  • New Scholarship students accepted in accordance with a contract also requiring housing to be offered (e.g. MEPI, USAID, MasterCard etc...)
  •  New Sophomores coming from abroad (International applicants followed by local applicants)
  • Current AUB students per application date (Renewing residents followed by new to dorms)
  • New students who didn't apply on time
  • Current AUB students who didn't apply on time


    Graduate applicants (excluding medicine students) are considered low priority, however if places are available once all undergraduate applications are processed, the below room reservation criteria is to be followed:
  • International graduates
  • Master students
  • PHD students


*Medicine students are not eligible for housing as their AY calendar begins and overlaps with the calendar of under-graduates and regular graduate students.