Summer 18-19  application will be active from April  1 till April 19 , 2019,  inclusive via AUBsis                                                                                                        Fall 19-20 application will be active from May 1 till June 30 , 2019,   inclusive via AUB sis 

Students wishing to live in the Student housing facilities must complete an online application and submit it before the assigned deadline via AUB-sis. The application is submitted via one of the 3 phases:

Phase 1: Fall & Spring of each Academic Year

Phase 2: Spring term (for new housing applicants only)

Phase 3: Summer term (for summer applicants only)


In case you receive your acceptance after the application’s deadline please make sure to share with us the below information via email ( &/or in order to study your case and assign you accordingly in the available spots if applicable:



Preferred roommate if applicable:

Preferred room category:

Current home address and telephone number:

Emergency contact person and telephone number:

Emergency contact person and telephone number in case reported missing to ISF (if same contact please note so):

Peer contact person and telephone number if applicable:

Once you provide our office with the above information, this will confirm your exclusive consent to grant access to concerned AUBMC staff as well as the Dean of Student Affairs office to your file upon need and specifically at risk of harm to self or to others.


    • Important Notes


    1- Make sure that the payment of the confirmation fee and submission of the enrollment form are completed before applying for the student housing residences for 2019-20.

    2- If you encounter any error in the application related to the emergency  please follow the needed TIPS.

    3-  Guideline for application submission process (TIPS)

    4- For new students who are attending the orientation for the designated semester they are allowed to check in accordingly for orientation purposes depending on the orientation assigned set dates.