AUB Outdoors

Outdoors is the largest student-run event in Lebanon and probably the Middle East attracting over 20,000 people every year. The two-day event is a festival that combines food, games, entertainment and concerts. With over 387 members, Outdoors is focused on the experience of the attendees. An entrepreneurial aspect to Outdoors was support for upcoming AUB startups like YallaBus who brought buses filled with people from Tripoli, Aley, Saida and Jounieh to Outdoors and back. 
Profits from Outdoors were dedicated to the creation of the Outdoors Award dedicated to a select number of noteworthy individuals who have devoted their time to extracurricular involvement and to working on projects that benefit the greater AUB and Lebanese community. A portion of the profits from this year and onward will be set aside and used for the grant of a one-time grant going towards select students’ tuition symbolizing AUB’s gratitude for the superb talent and effort its select undergraduates exhibit.
This year, the award was dedicated to Yara Maria Khalifeh, and E2 Civil Engineering Student and Mira Fakhreddiene, a Junior Business Student.