AUB And Synkers Join Forces

​​​​We are very pleased to inform you of AUB and Synkers Join Forces, the mobile app which connects you to qualified and affordable tutors.

Synkers' tutors will be available to help you on and off campus!

Need help with your course? Synkers is a mobile app that connects you with a peer tutor from AUB who previously took the course and aced it. Booking a tutor on Synkers app is easy! All you have to do is Search for your course, select a tutor based on your preferences (date, time, price, reviews, rating, and location), and book your session!

Give it a try! Book your session now and benefit from $5 OFF your next session! 
Offer valid until July  15.

P.S. We are offering discounted revision sessions for your exams for different courses such as: STAT230, MATH201, CHEM200, DCSN200, CHEM212, and more.

And if  you are interested in becoming a tutor? Download Synkers app and apply to become a peer tutor. All you need is an 85/100 on the course(s) you want to teach and great teaching skills. As a Synkers tutor, you will be able develop important skills, build your credibility, make some extra money, connect with new students, and manage your tutoring business.

For more information,check  the link​