American University of Beirut


​AUB Beach Opening and Closing Hours​​

The AUB beach opens daily from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM from July to October 2023, including weekends. Notifications will be sent via email in case any adjustments are made to the operating hours.

​AUB students, faculty, staff, and alumni must present valid identification cards. 

Entrance Rates at AUB Beach 2023


​Rates in USD

Students, full-time faculty & staff, visiting/part-time faculty & staff, retirees, 
​Dependents of faculty, staff, retirees & students, CAMES
​Alumni & dependents
​University for Seniors
Rates at $1 = LBP 100,000

Important safety notice 

​Kindly sign the release of responsibility form placed at the main and pool desks. If you have a medical condition, you should inform the CHSC staff and you may be asked to get a clearance from an AUB physician.

All swimmers must abide by the lifeguards’ directions at all times, especially pertaining to the right to swim during rough or high seas.

CHSC staff reserve the right to refuse users access to the beach or the sea on safety grounds or for disturbing the peace. This includes refusing to abide by the non-smoking policy at AUB. 

Non-Smoking Policy at the AUB Beach 

​​​All are kindly requested to abide by the above instructions. Upon the recommendation of the University Sports Office and the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs, anyone violating the published swimming rules and policies may be denied admittance and use of the facilities. Classifications not clearly defined above will be decided upon by the University Sports Office and the Dean of Student Affairs.

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