American University of Beirut

Green Field and Track

​​​​​​Artificial turf field with spectator seating for 560 people and night lights with 6 lane, 400 meter track

Green Field and Track ​Rules ​

  1. Greenfield and Track are not a playground. Young children below 8 are not allowed on the Field and Track.
  2. Greenfield access is restricted to AUB students and Charles Hostler Student Center members; Faculty, Staff and Alumni may have access provided they are members of the center (When the facilities are available). Track access is free of charge for AUB students and CHSC members. Alumni, faculty, ans staff​ who wish to use the track can purchase a yearly or daily membership at the CHSC point of sale.
  3. Greenfield and Track will not be accessible during scheduled university or athletic events.
  4. Organized contests must be approved by the Director of University Sports. 
  5. The use of any equipment, including portable goals should be authorized by the Director of University Sports or the supervisor on duty.
  6. Appropriate foot and sportswear should be worn on the Greenfield and Track at all times.
  7. Food and beverages are not allowed on the Field, the Track and the Bleachers.
  8. Sun tanning is not allowed on the Greenfield, the Track and the Bleachers.
  9. Smoking is not allowed on the Greenfield, the Track and the Bleachers.
  10. Strollers, bicycles, scooters, motorized vehicles, and other wheeled items are not allowed on the Greenfield, the Track and the adjacent areas.
  11. Reservations are done through the “Facility Reservation”.
  12. Food and beverages are permitted in the spectator sections, but not on the Green Field or Track. 
  13. All individuals using the Green Field or Track for recreational purpose must show the appropriate ID. 
  14. Only non-marking footwear and appropriate sportswear are permitted on the Green Field or Track. Cleats or spikes of any type or size are not allowed for general use. 
  15. The sport facility attendant must be physically present on or around the Green Field or Track at all times during open hours. 
  16. The sport facility attendant on duty must maintain a clean and orderly Green Field and Track area and properly care for and secure all equipment when not being used. 
  17. Children are not allowed at the Greenfield without adult supervision when the field is available. 

If an activity is not scheduled in the facility, it is available for recreational use with the same opening hours as the CHSC Fitness Building opening hours.​

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