The Scholars in HeAlth Research Program (SHARP) online 12- credits Diploma provides key analytical quantitative skills and the essential foundations for a stellar career in clinical translational research, public health, and health sciences. It is ideally suited for trainees with full time jobs, providing a flexible schedule spreading over an academic year. The SHARP diploma reflects national health priorities, advances in information technology, dynamic changes in our societies, and health research landscape.
SHARP’s curriculum is modeled on similar programs in top-tier academic institutions in the US. It is the first of its kind in the region and has been polished by expert faculty over a decade since program launch. Synchronous and asynchronous sessions, VOPs, tutorials, hands-on applications and lab sessions provide an unprecedented enriching experience.
To-date, SHARP has graduated over 250 diploma students and enabled them to match in the most prestigious programs and positions worldwide! Act now and Join the SHARP vibrant community to:
Engage with a diverse pool of students from multiple relevant disciplines
Acquire essential skills to conduct clinical and translational research
Advance the health agenda of NCDs in the region
SHARP will enable you to
Master a solid skillset in health research methods
Apply the ethical standards of human research
Conduct state of the art searches on health databases
Implement hands on exercises and applications
Analyze large datasets to close knowledge gaps
Develop predictive models and risk score calculators for health outcomes
Lead as an independent investigator
Inform Practice Guidelines and Health Policy
Start Date: September 2, 2024
For more information, visit SHARP Website.
Contact Information: 01350000, Ext: 2254.
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