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    ​​​​“Can't thank you enough for the foundation I have received through SHARP”​.​

    “I am fo​rever grateful for the SHARP experience and knowledge I gained which was very useful to me through my research the past 2 years”​.

    ​“I leave SHARP as a different person with a diffe​rent perspective on research. I am proud to have attended this Pro​​gram and I acknowledge this will be a landmark in my professional research career”.

    “I had no idea how to read and appraise a scientific paper before SHARP! G​ave me an amazing push to a m​​ore solid approach”.​​


    ​​​​​“I think the SHARP gave me the essential and nece​ssary basis to start an academic career. All I did before SHARP was bits and pieces. SHARP was the foundation to continue from”.​

    “This Program superseded my expectations, and I find myself always talking about SHARP and blaming my friends for not taking it”.​


    “The SHARP Program was a stepping stone into adopting the philosophy of asking the right clinical question and using the right tools to answer it. It empowered me to pursue the career path of an evidence based clinician and a researcher to provide the bes​t patient centered care”.​

    “SHARP certificate completed my residency and fellowsh​ip. Because being a medical doctor is not only about patients, it is also being able to understand the evidence b​ased medicine and being able to criticize it. It is also the beginning of my research oriented career”.​


    “SHARP helped in many aspects, not only knowledge about research, critical thinking, and evidence based medicine, I learned how to manage my time, how to work hard, and how to coordinate with others during group work”.​​​​

    ​“S​​HARP has helped me build a foundation for my future academic​ career. SHARP helped gain the confidence I need to start building a well-rounded future. I consider myself lucky to have joined this Program and I am very proud to be part of the SHARP family”.

    ​​​“I am flat out confident, without SHARP I would not be where I am today. You taught me how to be a scientist. How to feel, unde​rstand and manage data. I found myself to be one of few people who understand biostatistics in a department over-flooded with resources and great minds eager to collaborate. I was set up for access, again thanks to SHARP”.​

    ​"The SHARP Certificate is actually one of the very few certificat​es that I feel actually holds real meaning behind them. I believe that it is such a strong asset to have. Not for the certificate itself, but for the knowledge that is behind this certificate. Before SHARP, I knew nothing. After SHARP, I feel like I know almost everything I need to know to pave my way for even more future knowledge acquisition. Another thing is being a part of the SHARP family. This makes me smile wholeheartedly.  Thank you, thank you,​​ thank you. I hold so much love in my heart for this program".

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