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Seminar Series

​​​​​​​Longitudinal Seminar Series

  • ​Combating CV Diseases: The Salt Reduction Path - Dr. Hussain Ismaeel    Download
  • Mentoring Tool Kits - Dr. Ellen Seely
    • ​Effective Feedback and Difficult Conversations File   Download
    • Developmental Network Exercise File   Download
    • Structuring the Mentoring Relationship File  Download

  • Clinical Trials: From Theory to Practice - Dr. Ghada El Hajj Fuleihan  Download
  • Transplantation 60 Years Later - Dean Mohamed H. Sayegh​​​​  Download​
  • Molecular Genetic Testing: Introducti​on, Evolution, and Future - Dr. Rami Mahfouz   Download


  • Regulation in EAE - Dr. Samia Khoury​   Download
  • Assessing Risk of Bias Associated with Missing Participant Data in Clinical Trials - Dr. Elie Akl   Download
  • Propensity Scores in Medical Research - Dr. Robert Habib  Download
  • From Sanger to NGS: The Same DNA Molecule - Dr. George Nemr  Article​    Presentation
  • Assessing Quality of Evidence: The GRADE Approach - Dr. Elie Akl   Download

  • How Clinical Practice Recommendation are Developed - Dr. Elie Akl  Download
  • Microarrays in Molecular Pathology - Dr. Rami Mahfouz   Download

  • Receiver Operating Characterestic (ROC) Curve - Dr. Hani Tamim   Download
  • Translational Genetics: An Overview of Genetics in the 21st Century - Dr. George Nemr​  Download

  • Lung Cancer in 2020: A moving Traget - President Fadlo Khuri  Download
  • Research Waste - Dr. Mona Nabulsi   Donwload
  • Creating the Evidence and Dismissing the Myths: A Case Study in Surgical Site Infection Prevention - Dr. Kamal Itani 

  • Structuring the Mentoring Relationship - Dr. Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan   Download

  • Approaches to fight Non-Communicable Diseases  in Lebanon - Dr. Walid Ammar  Download​​


  • Analysis of Repeated Measures Over Time - Dr. John Orav  Presentation Part 1​    Presentation Part 2​


  • Survival Analysis  - Dr. Ziyad Mahfoud  Presentation Part 1​​   Presentation Part 2




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