AUB website policy and templates

​It is the responsibility of the Authorized Publisher to make sure that the content to be published fulfills the below listed guidelines and failure to do so will incur actions by the administration. 

Website Policy

Authorized Publishers, as named by their departments, are responsible for posting and using content and maintaining compliance with all AUB policies. Authorized Publishers are also required to follow AUB website templates​, style guidelines and visual identity.
Other than the AUB logo, no logos are allowed on the website.
The Office of Communications and the Office of Information Technology reserve the right to delete or modify any content on the website without ​notice.
Content Publishing Guidelines
1. Content must be provided exclusively by the relevant unit.
2. Content must be compliant with AUB style guidelines and visual identity.
3. Content must be compliant with AUB’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Discriminatory Harassment Policy. AUB values diversity and respect for others; as such, content that is perceived as offensive by its intended audience or that promotes ​hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence is prohibited.
4. Content must be compliant with all confidentiality provisions pertaining to working at AUB and shall not violate privileged information and professional code of ethics confidentiality obligations. AUB employees must maintain student and patient confidentiality and privacy in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.  
5. Content must not promote personal interests of individuals or entities other than AUB.
6. Content must not violate intellectual property rights. As such, the authorized publisher must make sure that the use of the content—including but not limited to an article, research, event, image, video, trade name, trademark, or logo—is licensed to AUB.
7. Content must not violate the privacy rights of any individual and should be compliant with applicable data privacy regulations including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As such, any personal identifiable information, including student records, must not be published before the approval of the data subject.
8. Content must not promote an individual, entity, or country that is sanctioned by either the United States of America or Lebanon; as such, any individual or entity referred to in the content should be cleared on the Specially Designated National list (SDN list) of the US Department of Treasury.
9. Content must be compliant with all of AUB policies and procedures; any content that is perceived as inappropriate by its intended audience or any content that is not in line with AUB’s mission is prohibited. 
10. ​Content must be accurate describing true events and true information, at least to the best of the knowledge of the Authorized Publisher.

About this website

This website is a central place to showcase the different building components that an Authorized Publisher can use to build a website or a page on AUB's domain using Microsoft SharePoint Content Management System (CMS).

In the right menu you can browse the different page layouts and templates samples. Under web parts you can see the different web parts available for adding to a page, each web part has a page showing it and explaining how to add/modify it.​

Please refer to this website all the time to make sure your website conforms with AUB's policies in terms of templates, styles, image sizes and icons.

Always make sure that your website is up-to-date and that you are using proper English along with short and concise information. Do not create new pages and sub sites without consulting with the Office of Communications.


CMS training sessions are conducted by the Office of Com​munications on a monthly basis. Please email us​ for more information on training sessions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​ and Google Analytics data. You can also download the tutorial below​.​

Download new Microsoft SharePoint 2016 tutorial here

For more information on the Digital Unit at the Office of Co​mmunications click here