Ana Amel Ana Amela

Ana Amel Ana Amela was organized in celebration of AUB's manual laborers on the occasion of the university's 150th anniversary. This piece of verbatim promenade theater used material from 72 audio-recorded interviews with janitors, students, and teachers conducted by students of the “Workshop in Theater Production" over a period of two months. The performance was a collaboration between the Theater Initiative, the Center for Arts and Humanities (CAH), and the Department of Fine Arts and Art History (FAAH).

Audience members were encouraged to step into the lives of workers during a staged orientation conducted by the two supervisor/guest actors, Bashara Atallah and Raffi Feghali. Members changed into red uniforms and toured the campus, visiting places where workers can be found performing their duties. Each site presented the opportunity to perform as a worker but also to hear real-life stories planted into the various scenes by student actors. The theater piece was performed in Arabic and comprised of ten people per orientation. ​​