The Rape


The Rape (Al Ightisab) by Sa'dallah Wannous is a 1989 play that dramatizes Israeli-Palestinian relations against the backdrop of the First Intifada. The play revolves around a violent act of rape, the psychological impact of which is traced inside of two households: one Palestinian, one Israeli. Wannous famously requested in the prologue that all characters be handled with nuance, and warned against slipping into caricatures.

In March 2015, an English-language translation of The Rape was staged at the Lebanese American University's (LAU's) Irwin Theater. The play was directed by Sahar Assaf, translated by Nada Saab and Robert Myers, and co-produced by AUB and LAU. The event was connected to a daylong panel on Wannous that was held in April of that same year. See brochure for information on cast and crew. ‚Äč