Theater-Related Courses

​​Courses that incorporate a study of theater fall under the directory of departments such as Fine Arts and Art History (FAAH), English, and Arabic and Near Eastern Languages. Some courses are offered by centers like the Alwaleed Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR), and programs like the Civilization Studies Program (CVSP). Cross-listing occurs over various subject matters and depends on the degree of disciplinary overlap. THTR courses are specialized ​courses within FAAH that give focus and proper introduction to theater studies. Theater Initiative's role has been to coordinate courses with the different departments, search for qualified adjuncts and lecturers, as well as invite artists and professionals to take part in lectures.

Courses offered in Spring 2019:  ​

ENGL 212​
ENGL 216/ AMST 275AL Special Topic in Modern American Theater
ENGL 251
THTR 100
THTR 200
THTR 220
THTR 260A  Special Topic in Theater and Society
THTR 260B  Special Topic Workshop in Playback Theater