American Univesity of Beirut

Majors and Programs
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Agribusiness BSFAFS
    Agriculture BSFAFS
    Agricultural Economics
    Animal Science
    Anthropology MAFAS
    Applied Energy MEMSFEA
    Applied Math BA, BSFAS
    Arab and Middle Eastern History PhDFAS
    Arabic Language and Literature BA, MA, PhDFAS
    Archaeology BA, MAFAS
    Architecture BARMSFEA
    Art History BAFAS
    Art History and Curating MAFAS
    Biochemistry MSFM
    Biology BS, MSFAS
    Biomedical Engineering M​S, Ph​D
    Biomedical Sciences PhDFM
    Business Administration​
    ​Business Analytics​
    Cell and Molecular Biology PhDFAS
    Chemical Engineering BE, BS, ME, MSMSFEA
    Chemistry BS, MSFAS
    Civil Engineering BE, ME, PhDMSFEA
    Clinical Psychology MAFAS
    Computational Science MSFAS
    Computer and Communications Engineering BENMSFEA
    Computer Science BS, MSFAS
    ​​Computer Science Engineering
    Construction Engineering
    Economics BA, MA
    Eco-system Management MSESFAFS
    Education MAFAS
    Education/Elementary BAFAS
    Educational Management and Leadership Diplomas DIPLMFAS
    Electrical and Computer Engineering BE, ME, PhDMSFEA
    Energy Studies MSMSFEA
    Engineering Management MEMMSFEA
    English Language BA, MAFAS
    English Literature BA, MAFAS
    Environmental and Water Resources Engineering ME, PhDMSFEA
    Environmental Health BS, MSESFHS
    Environmental Policy Planning MSESFAS
    Environmental Technology MSESMSFEA
    Epidemiology MS, Ph​D
    Executive Master of Business Administration EMBAOSB
    Financial Economics MAFEFAS
    Finance MFOSB
    Food Safety M​SFAFS
    Food Science and Management BSFAFS
    Food Security MSFAFS
    Food Technology MSFAFS
    Geology BS, MSFAS
    Graphic Design BFAMSFEA
    ​Health Communication
    Human Morphology MSFM
    Human Resource Management MAOSB
    Industrial Engineering BENMSFEA
    Irrigation MSFAFS
    Islamic Studies MAFAS
    Landscape Architecture BLAFAFS
    Mathematics BA, BS, MA, MSFAS
    Mechanical Engineering BE, ME, PhDMS​FEA
    Media and Communication BADIPLMFAS
    Media Studies MAFAS
    Medical Audiology Sciences BSFHS
    Medical Imaging Sciences BSFHS
    Medical Laboratory Sciences BSFHS
    Medicine MDFM
    Microbiology and Immunology MSFM
    Middle Eastern Studies MAFAS
    Neuroscience MSFM
    BS, MS, Ph​DHSON​
    Nutrition MSFAFS
    Nutrition and Dietetics BSFAFS
    Nutrition and Dietetics - Coordinated BSFAFS
    OMBA – Online MBA MB​A
    Orthodontics MSFM
    Petroleum Studies BSFAS
    Pharmacology and Therapeutics MSFM
    Philosophy BA, MAFAS
    Physics BS, MSFAS
    Physiology MSFM
    Plant Protection MSFAFS
    Plant Science MSFAFS
    Political Studies BA, MAFAS
    Population Health MSFHS
    Poultry Science MSFAFS
    Psychology BA, MAFAS
    Public Administration BA, MAFAS
    Public Health M​P​HFHS
    Public Health Nutrition MSFAFS, FHS
    Public Policy and International Affairs MAFAS
    Rural Community Development MSFAFS
    SHARP MS, CertificateFM
    Sociology MAFAS
    Sociology-Anthropology BAFAS
    Statistics BA, BSFAS
    Studio Arts BAFAS
    Special Education DIPLMFAS
    Teaching Diploma (Teaching of Arabic, Health Education, Elementary Education, Informatics Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Teaching of Social Studies, Teaching of English as a foreign language) TDFAS
    Theoretical Physics PhDFAS
    Transnational American Studies MAFAS
    Urban Design MUDMSFEA
    Urban Planning and Policy MUPPMS​FEA


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