This calculator will help you determine the Semester/Annual cost of attending the American University of Beirut

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This tuition calculator is designed for new students who will enroll in their first year on a full-time basis. The calculator will give students a sense of the total cost of attending the American University of Beirut including tuition, fees, room, books and supplies, and living expenses such as food, transportation, and miscellaneous costs.
The calculation is solely based on the information you input, creating a rough estimate of a semester/academic year total cost. Tuition estimates are based on a full time enrollment credits per semester.
Actual tuition, fees and living expenses may vary. Tuition rates may be subject to an annual change. The cost of books and supplies will depend on where they are purchased and whether these are new or used items. The cost of food and transportation and other living expenses will depend on the student’s lifestyle. The calculator provides only an estimated average.
Estimates are not binding, and AUB disclaims any liability resulting from the use of or reliance upon the calculator by any student or parent/sponsor.

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