2019-20 Freshman

​​​​​​​​The freshman program is a majorless year (2 regular terms) whereby the student can take different courses and follow either a scientific track or a track in humanities. Once the student completes the freshman year, he/she gets to enroll in a specific major at the sophomore level based on his/her average or GPA.       

Who can apply? 

Students completing 12 years of schooling and doing one of the following programs: High school program, SAT program, AP program, IGCSE (O Levels), IB Certificate or any other school leaving certificate (other than Lebanese Baccalaureate) can apply to the freshman program at AUB. 


​To apply for regular admissions, the student needs to submit an undergraduate application along with the following documents:

a. SAT1 results
b. High school records during grades 10 and 11
c. Counselor/teacher recommendation(s)
d. Extracurricular Activities/Other Achievements

Admission is competitive and equally based on the above requirements as follows:

a.  50% is based on the SAT1: (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math) sections
b. 50% is based on the student high school averages in grades 10 and 11
c. A consideration of personal qualities and academic motivation, as determined in the completed application and personal statement as well as the recommendations from teachers and school counselor.

SAT 1 can be done several times.  We will do super-scoring (i.e. taking the maximum of each section from all sessions).

As for high school averages, students are compared to their class average and to the average issued from applicants from the same school.

Accordingly, there are no specific scores that we ask for: The higher the above scores are, the better the chances of being admitted.

Concerning early admission (only applicable for fall term) please note that a special early admission plan for fall admission has been designed for students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submission of application form by the early admissions application deadline
  • Class rank in the top 25 percent in each of the last two years prior to application
  • SAT 1 scores as follows:
Applying to Minimum total SAT I
Redesigned SAT1 of March 2016 or later

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math
Freshman (Early Admission)​


The 3 requirements must be present all at once for early admission to work. If any is missing, the application will be changed to regular admission.

Applicants who apply early but are not granted early admission are automatically placed in the pool of all other applicants to the same level and same faculty/school and are given equal consideration.                    

As for grade 12 records, they do not affect admission since students apply to AUB at the beginning of grade 12 nevertheless once the student is admitted, he/she will be required to present evidence of having met the following conditions (in general, no later than 1 month prior to the start of the term):

  • Successfully met the English Language​ Requirement
  • Successfully completed Grade 12 
  • Successfully received the certificate or diploma (recognized by the Ministry of Education of the originating country) on the basis of which admission was sought (example: IB certificate, IGCSE, High School Diploma)
As such, admission is conditional and students may not register until the above conditions are met.

Concerning medicine at AUB, we follow the American style of education. This means that the student needs to get a bachelor degree first, and then apply for medicine studies. At a first stage, the student may enroll in any major whether scientific or humanities. During undergraduate studies, the student takes preparatory courses for the medical school known as pre-med courses (specific core courses in biology, chemistry, physics, humanities, social sciences and English language), and sits for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). After completing those requirements, and based on the achieved grades in the undergraduate studies, the MCAT scores and the results of an interview process, the student can be admitted to the medical school.​​


​Application deadlines and the corresponding latest SAT1 sessions considered for each admission type are as follows: 

Admissions Type Application
Latest SAT1
session considered*
​Decision Notification Date
Early Admissions to Fall 2019-20End of October 2018October 2018by end of January, 2019
Regular Admissions to Fall 2019-20December 20, 2018December 2018by early April, 2019
Regular Admissions to Spring 2019-20
End of October 2019October 2019by mid-January, 2020

​*​​Note:  SAT1 registration deadlines are approximately 1-2month before the SAT1 test session date.  
 It is required to register at least once, the optional SAT1 Essay section for the purpose of the English Language Requirement.

To know more about the SAT1 exam and its registration, please refer to: www.collegeboard.org


​Applicants wishing to apply to AUB for undergraduate studies can apply online or can submit a paper application as follows:                        

1- Access the application form (Application for undergraduate studies)
2- Fill the application.
3- Include the following documents and match them to the checklist at end of application:

    - Photocopy of ID or p​assport
    - Passport size photo
    - High School Grades 10-11
    - Form 3 "Secondary School Record and Recommendation" of the admission application
    - SAT 1 scores (How to send your SA​T1 Scores)
    - Two letters of recommendation (1 from a Math/Science teacher and 1 from school counselor)
    - Two essays (Topics per the admission application)

4- Application package can be sent to the following address:

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5- Application fees ($80 or LL120,000) for paper application and ($50 or LL75,000) for online application ​


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