​To be eligible for the admission to the PhD program, an applicant must hold a master's degree preceded by a bachelor's degree recognized by the university and relevant to the field of study.

Applicant must also have an outstanding cumulative average, acceptable to the appropriate faculty graduate committee.

To know about the various PhD programs offered and for detailed information about the specific requirements of each program, please refer to AUB Majors and Programs.

Please keep in mind that PhD students do not pay tuition, instead, admitted students will sign a contract with the university whereby they will receive a monthly stipend in return for their services in teaching and research.

Requirements for PhD admissions to AUB are as follows:

  • Official university transcripts (All levels)
  • 3 recommendation letters
  • GRE is required for all programs (PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and PhD in Theoretical Physics require GRE Subject Tests in addition to the GRE general test.  For more details, please refer to the Graduate FAQ page​.
  • Written Statement of Purpose   
  • Portfolio (if available)
  • English language requirements (upon admission)
  • $50 application fee ​

    For more details, please refer to:  Graduate Council Graduate Admission Requirements​.​


​The deadline to apply for Spring 2019-20 term is November 5, 2019
The deadline to apply for Summer 2019-20 & Fall 2020-21 terms is March 18, 2020​


​Applicants wishing to apply to AUB for graduate studies, must apply online:


Please check the details about graduate Scholarships and Financial aid​.​

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For further inquiries and clarifications, please check our FAQs and do not hesitate to contact us at the AUB Office of Admissions.