The Nabil Boustany Auditorium at the Faculty of Health Sciences

​​​​​​​In 2012, the 80-year old Faculty of Health Sciences' (FHS) auditorium was officially named the Nabil Boustany Auditorium. The Auditorium serves as a venue for many interesting and intellectually stimulating events in public health attracting audiences from both the University and the wider community. It hosts the FHS weekly seminars, special lectures, and is regularly used for FHS undergraduate and graduate classes. Located in Van Dyck Hall, one of the University's legacy buildings, the Nabil Boustany Auditorium is also open to other AUB faculties and programs.

Nabil Majid Boustany, who passed away in July 2009 was an AUB alumnus, a real estate developer, a founding member of Solidere, owner of Linkers Insurance Brokers (Lebanon), a partner of MABCO (Lebanon), a member of the Lebanese Parliament, and a philanthropist.  He founded the Fondation Nabil Boustany in Monaco in 2006.  The foundation, which contributes to the development of talented individuals and aids children in need, has provided student scholarships at a number of educational institutions including AUB.