Stories from our Students

  • ​​​“I have dared to dream because of the scholarship aid that I receive. I want to become an architect to serve the people. I am so lucky to have found a way to use my creativity to do what I love in an effort to serve others. I am also so lucky to have people believe in me and in my ability to make a change if I'm given a chance." Sabine Doueiry, Fingerprints Scholarship recipient​

  • “I have been interested in chemical engineering since high school but would not have been able to enroll at AUB without this scholarship," Jad Hammoud, Petrofac Scholarship recipient 

  • ​“When I first got accepted at AUB, it was the best news I have ever received, yet the most stressful at the same time. It's not easy for one to talk about their financial condition in front of everyone, it was even hard to think about it alone. What I can share with you, however, is the relief I felt when one night I received an email from AUB informing me of the Transmed Scholarship that I was granted," Sarah El Koury, Transmed Scholarship recipient