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 Patient Testimonials

We are spotlighting below just five of the patient funds that you supported this year.

Brave Heart Fund

  • Year established: 2003
  • Total number of patients supported: 4,100
  • Number of patients supported in 2020: 150
  • Young child supported by the Brave Heart Fund
  • ​“I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope none of you have to face the problem that I faced. I hope the Brave Heart Fund will always be able to support underprivileged patients. We all have to help each other.”  – father of Sophia, a six-year-old girl being supported by the Brave Heart Fund​.

  • “Humanity is not just a word.  It is actions we have seen through your empathetic attitude where you have been following us consistently in a kind and professional way. Despite all the delays related to the overall situation of COVID-19 and August 4, you were patient and very supportive. Your attitude gave us the comfort and support we needed at the time. Lots of thanks and appreciation to you and all the members of the Children’s Heart Center team.  No words can express our gratitude. Thank you Brave Heart from the bottom of Omar’s small heart and our hearts too. May God bess you all.” – Fadia and Khaled, the parents of Omar​.

​​Cancer Support Fund

  • Year established: 2018
  • Number of patients supported in 2020: 225
  • Total number of patients supported: 356
  • Total number of hospital visits: more than 1,000

  • Things have been tough recently for this AUB alumnus and 59-year-old father. He has been unemployed for four years and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized to the brain. He is receiving support from his elderly father and his brother, but it’s not enough to pay for the cancer treatment that he urgently needs. “Without the help of the Cancer Support Fund, I would not be able to adhere to my treatment and look forward to seeing my young daughter become a young woman,” he says.​
  • This 24-year-old woman was first diagnosed with meningioma in 2003. She has needed multiple surgeries and ongoing care since then – care that her family cannot afford. An already very difficult situation is now even more challenging as her father was recently diagnosed with a cardiac condition, which also requires medical treatment. “The support that I receive from the Cancer Support Fund is indispensable for my treatment and follow-ups,” she says. “I rely on CSF as it covers a big financial gap that I cannot fill.”​

​​​Friends of MS at AUBMC Fund

  • ​​Year established: February 2012
  • Patients supported since 2012: around 450
  • New patients supported in 2020: 150
  • Patients (old & new) supported in 2020: around 420​​​​​

  • ​​Just 16 years old, this young woman has already had a tough life. Her father passed away when she was just four years old. Since then, she, her sisters, and her mother have relied financially on support from the community. Her mother was working, preparing food for families, until quite recently. She has been unemployed in recent months because of the socioeconomic crisis in Lebanon. Without support from the Friends of MS Fund, she would not be able to continue with her treatment plan. ​
  • This housewife and mother of six children was diagnosed with MS in April 2016. Her husband works as a blacksmith but does not earn enough to cover the family’s expenses and so they rely on assistance from relatives. Unfortunately, the family has no health insurance and so she relies completely on support from the Friends of MS Fund to cover the cost of the medical tests and treatment she needs.​

​OpenMinds Fund

  • Year established: 2012
  • Total number of patients supported: 478
  • Number of patients supported in 2020: 75
  • Being the father of a special needs child taught me… to be patient and to accept God's will and most of all to be grateful and thankful to all the caregivers who work with my child. Thank you OpenMinds.
  • My daughter Laurene was born with hearing problems. After the age of two-and-a-half, thanks to OpenMinds' help, she can now say most words in a clear way. My child can now say, “Dad, come, let's play."​

​​​Sickle Cell Needy Patients Fund

  • Year established: 2012
  • Total number of patients supported: 360
  • Number of patients supported in 2020: 200
  • ​Two of my four children suffer from sickle cell disease. They have been treated at the AUB Medical Center for 18 years. Their treatment requires that they be admitted to the hospital regularly. This is a cost that our family cannot afford. Without the help of the Sickle Cell Needy Patients Fund, my children would not get the care they need.” – mother of four children.
  • “My little eight-year-old daughter, Rimas, has sickle cell disease. She has been a patient at AUBMC since she was six years old. She was recently admitted to the hospital with a very high fever and in pain. The Sickle Cell Needy Patients Fund covered 100 percent of her care. I am so grateful.” – mother of sickle cell patient.

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