• How to Apply for Scholarships?

    ​​​​​All donor-funded scholarships are need based. Students are required to submit a Financial Aid application in order to be eligible to receive any scholarship support. The Office of Advancement Services and the Office of Financial Aid work together to award scholarships to students based on each student’s financial need and each scholarship’s criteria for eligibility.

    1. Eligibility requirements:

      • Be a registered full-time student.
      • Maintain a minimum average of 70% per semester. (Note that some scholarships require recipients to maintain a higher GPA.)
      • Qualify as a candidate for a specific scholarship, based on its criteria.
      • Submit a completed Financial Aid application.
    2. Application procedure:

      • ​Submit a Financial Aid Application before the deadline. There is no separate application process for named and current scholarships.

     For additional inquiries please email scholarships@aub.edu.lb