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Celebrating the lifelong connection that alumni have with their alma mater


​​​​​​​“The ring you are receiving," said AUB President Fadlo R. Khuri, “is a symbol of all that you can do in the future, not only as a seeker of knowledge, but also as an educated, engaged member of society, throughout your own journey in life, and for the impact you will have on the lives of others. In short, it is the symbol of the lifelong connection that you have built with your alma mater and everything AUB does." Khuri made his remarks to the members of this year's graduating class during Ring Ceremony 2019.

The Green Oval on upper campus was packed with students and their families on May 23—all on hand to celebrate graduating students' official transition to alumni status. It was a festive occasion with speeches, musical performances by the Music Club's saxitoxin band, the Dabke Club, and Jessy El Hawa – all AUB students.

It was also a time for reflection. USFC VP Ali Zayour focused in his remarks on the ring itself noting that a ring is “a closed circle" with “no beginning and no end. It is a circle without defects," he continued. “The ring is a pure circle, a life circle connecting each one of you to your inner selves, to your university mates, to your professors, to your university community, to your local community, and to the world. This ring," he predicted, “will become more and more meaningful the longer you wear it."

Associate Vice President Salma Oueida began her remarks to the class of 2019 with a “welcome to the worldwide community of AUB alumni!" She then spoke about the enduring connection that alumni feel for AUB and “the valuable role that alumni have played at our university—and continue to play." She urged students to stay in touch with their alma mater: “Let us know where you go and what you are doing. Tell us about your achievements so we can celebrate with you and your families. The Office of Alumni Relations will always have its door open for you from this moment onwards." Oueida also urged graduating students to register with the AUB Alumni Mentoring Platform and take advantage of the opportunity to get advice from other alumni as they enter the job market. She concluded by reminding alumni that there are 63 alumni chapters around the world “that are eager to welcome you and will help you stay in touch with AUB." 

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