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AUB mourns Professor Adnan Iskandar

​​​​​​​Sally Abou Melhem, Office of Communications,​​​​

AUB mourns the untimely passing of Professor of Political Studies and Public Administration Adnan George Iskandar, previously AUB vice president for university relations and chairman of AUB's Public Administration and Political Studies department.

“A tireless fighter for administrative reform, [Adnan Iskandar] authored several publications on public administration and took part in government attempts at administrative reform and fighting corruption," said Special Advisor to the President of AUB for Protocol and External Relations ​Ibrahim Khoury.  “He championed transparency in public affairs and believed that fighting corruption in the administration can only come after the eradication of political corruption."

A page-long interview with Vice President Adnan Iskandar on administrative reform in Lebanon was published on September 3, 1991 in An-Nahar newspaper. In it, Dr. Iskandar pointed out that the prevalent conjuncture is not suitable for administrative reform and that such a process cannot be carried out separately from dominant social, political, economic, and educational factors. He argued that stability in these domains has not been fully restored yet to allow reform to be initiated. He added that fighting corruption in the administration can only follow the eradiction of political corruption, underlining the economic recession as well, which he said will not go soon.

Professor Iskandar was born in Kfarhata, AI-Koura, in the north of Lebanon in 1930. He received his BA in political studies from AUB in 1951, and his MA in public administration in 1952. He later received his PhD from the American University in Washington DC.

His role at AUB extended from academic year 1957-58 until 1998-99. He served as instructor in public administration (1957-1961), director of personnel (1961-1962), assistant professor of public administration (1962-1969), associate professor of public administration (1968-1981), professor of political studies and public administration (1982-1990 and 1993-1998), and vice president for university relations (1990-1993).

AUB would like to extend its condolences to the Iskandar family, and to his colleagues, friends, and loved ones.​

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