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AUB ranked first in region for education, scientific work, and contribution to society

​​​​​​Safa Jafari Safa, ​Office of Communications,​​

AUB has been ranked first in the Arab world and 177th out of 1,200 universities worldwide featured in the Moscow International Unive​rsity Ranking​ “The Three University Missions." The ranking is based on 18 indicators reflecting universities' quality of education, scientific work, and contribution to society. A total of 1,200 institutions from 79 countries worldwide were ranked for the year 2019 through assessment and verification by international experts and evaluators.

The Moscow International University Ranking offers a new type of university assessment that offers further objectivity, taking into account the actual quality of the graduates' knowledge, the introduction of advanced education methods, and the peculiarities of the national pedagogical and scientific schools; away from other more common criteria such as university reputation surveys.

The ranking brings quality of education to the center of global university rankings. Accounting for 45% of the total score, education indicators such as wins in international student contests, student to academic staff ratio, and percentage of international students were measured. For research, which accounts for 25% of the total score, indicators related to number of awards won by faculty and alumni, field-weighted citation impact on the global and national levels, and research impact per faculty were measured. As for the third criteria, the ranking assesses the relation between the university and the local community. Accounting for 30% of the total score, this criteria measures universities' share in their countries' total academic publications; total pages of websites indexed by leading search engines; and website reach and followers in social media and wikipedia.

Behind AUB's 177th rank, the next ranked Arab universities were the King Saud University and the American University in Cairo, both of which were in the 401-450 ranking category.

The Moscow International University Ranking is gaining an increasing amount of attention from international scholars. This was the first year for the preliminary ranking results to undergo international assessment. The top three universities for 2019 are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Pennsylvania.

When asked about this new ranking, Dr. Lokman Meho, the university librarian, stated, “This is the first international university ranking to place AUB top in the Arab world. In fact, it places AUB third among all universities located in the countries stretching from Morocco to India and Slovakia to Yemen ​and South Africa​. This is largely because the Moscow International University Ranking gives credit not only to reputation and high quality education and research, but also to the impact of universities on society."

“It is, however, still too early to judge the status of this ranking among the world's most prominent university rankings. Therefore, as we do with all other university rankings, we will use the Moscow Ranking as a source of feedback for improvement, especially given that it utilizes important criteria and indicators not used elsewhere," added Dr. Meho.

The AUB mission reflects focus on all three criteria of this ranking in its core when it specifies that “AUB is an institution of higher learning founded to provide excellence in education, to participate in the advancement of knowledge through research, and to serve the peoples of the Middle East and beyond." AUB continues with its efforts aimed at maintaining excellent performance, using rankings as indicators of performance in various areas.

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