Al-Kashi on Root Extraction


Editors: Abdul-Kader Dakhel

 Language: English
 Subject: History of Science
 Publication Date: 1960
 Number of Pages: 42
 Book Dimensions: 19*32.3 cm
 Cover Type: Paperback

 Includes: Equations

 Price: $1

This is a detailed examination of Chapter Five of the Third Treatise of Jamshīd Ghiyāth al-Dīn al-Kāshī (al-Kāshānī, d. 1429) from his book, The Key to Arithmetic (Miftā al-isāb), also known as The Computers' Key (Miftā al-ussāb). A facsimile of the original manuscript is reproduced in Chapter Three of the text, along with an opposite-page translation and commentary. A sexagesimal multiplication table, useful to those engaged in computations from Babylonian, Greek, Arabic, and Byzantine scientific writings, is included in a back pocket of the book.