Conflict Resolution in the Arab World: Selected Essays



 Editor: Paul Salem

 Language: English
 Subject: Middle East Studies
 Publication Date: 1997
 Number of Pages: 482
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 ISBN: 9780815660972​
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​​This volume presents the study of conflict and conflict management in the Middle East through a variety of case studies. This is a collection of twenty papers prepared for a 1993 conference entitled “Conflict Resolution in the Arab World: Theory and Practice," organized by AUB and held in Larnaca, Cyprus. The essays cover the general subjects of conflict resolution in Islam, the sociological roots of conflict resolution in the Arab world, and conflict resolution and the Arab State. They include several case studies focusing on Sudan, Somalia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and the Palestinians. Two introductory chapters deal, respectively, with western perspectives on conflict resolution and a critique of those perspectives from a non-western viewpoint. Some of the many traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution are discussed, along with how they are being undermined by the profundity and rapidity of social change in the region.​