Food Composition: Tables for Use in the Middle East


Authors: P. L. Pellett and Sossy Shadarevian

 Language: English
 Subject: Nutrition
 Publication Date: 2013
 Number of Pages: 146
 Book Dimensions: 18*24
 Cover Type: Paperback
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 ISBN: 9789953586021                                                     Includes: Tables and Appendixes​

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​​Food Composition has been a popular nutritional resource for more than 40 years. It is an informative handbook for both specialists and laymen and all those interested in Middle Eastern foods and their nutritive value. In addition to presenting valuable nutritional information, the book also provides helpful translations in English and Arabic of the names of many food items. In addition to the food composition tables, the book includes 104 recipes for Middle Eastern dishes and their nutritional composition. Nine appendices complete the work.