The Economics of the American University of Beirut: A Study of a Private University in the Developing World


Editors: Nadim G. Khalaf

 Language: English
 Subject: Economics
 Publication Date: 1977
 Number of Pages: 99
 Book Dimensions: 17.6*24.7 cm
 Cover Type: Hard Cover

Includes: Tables

 Price: $5

​​By the mid-1970s, AUB and private universities everywhere found themselves under increasing financial pressure. This study is an attempt to identify and explain the factors that contributed to this situation and to suggest general guidelines for constructive change. The underlying premise of the book is a conviction that the vitality of any university and its ability to fulfill its purpose depend on its powers of persuading its constituency that it is worthy of their increased and indispensable support. The general guidelines and conclusions still have relevance not only to AUB, but also to other similar institutions.