Alfarabi’s Theory of Communication


Author: Fuad Said Haddad

 Language: English
 Subject: Philosophy
 Publication Date: 1989
 Number of Pages: 192
 Book Dimensions: 14.9*23 cm
 Cover Type: Paperback

 Includes: Appendixes and Bibliography

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Alfarabi (870–950 AD/259–339 AH), also known as the “second teacher" (Aristotle being the first), is recognized as having “laid down the foundations, presented the definitive framework, and determined the course of Islamic philosophy as it came to be known in the West through Avicenna and Averroes." Alfarabi is mostly known for his works on logic, metaphysics, and politics; he did not generally write on communication, but alluded to this topic in his various writings on language and logic. This author, through his analysis and implications drawn from Alfarabi's writings, has formalized a theory of language communication and instruction, which represents a new dimension in Alfarabi's philosophy, brought to life for the first time in this work. ​