​​​​Agriculture at AUB: A Century of Progress

Nuhad J. Daghir

Dean Daghir presents here a well-documented history of agricultural education at AUB from the early part of the 20th century to the present.  This account is preceded by an introductory chapter on the history of agriculture in the Levant, widely considered to be one of the areas where human beings first developed from hunter-gatherers to farmers.  This book is a rich testimony to the contributions of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) and its graduates toward development in the Middle East.

English, 2012, 404 pages, hard cover, $34.  ISBN 978-9953-9025-4-8

Insects and Mites Injurious to Crops in Middle Eastern Countries

by Abdul Mun'im Talhouk Second Edition (2003)

This revised second edition is one of the best illustrated guides available for the prevention, identification, monitoring, and management of pests injurious to crops in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It is also a useful reference and teaching tool, benefiting students of Middle Eastern agriculture and entomology. It provides updated information on the comprehensive morphology, distribution, and biology of more than 300 significant pest species of the orders Acarina, Thysanoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, and Diptera, respectively. 

About the Author

Abdul Mun'im Talhouk discovered his lifelong fascination with insects in the 1930s while working on his father's orchard in the mountains of Lebanon. He received his BS in 1948 and his MS in 1955 from the American University of Beirut, and his PhD from the University of Munich in 1960. In the course of his career, he discovered numerous insect and mite species in Lebanon, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, several of which bear his name. The author of numerous scholarly publications, Professor Talhouk taught at AUB from 1955 to 1985. He served as research entomologist with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Agriculture from 1976 until his retirement in 1986.

English, 2002 (2nd edition, revised and enlarged), 269 pages, bibliography, 15 color plates, appendix, 2 indexes, hard cover, $48.
ISBN 9953-9011-9-8

Irrigation in Lebanon: Research, Practices and Potential

Muin Baasiri and John Ryan

The volume is an overview of all published material up to the mid-1980s pertinent to water use for irrigation in Lebanon. The chapters successively deal with such subjects as the importance of irrigation in Lebanon and the Middle East; an overview of the various irrigation systems in use, both traditional and modern; statistics and figures on Lebanon's rainfall, temperature, and hydrogeology; surface and groundwater sources; a description of irrigation and drainage projects; an exhaustive review of water use studies in Lebanon and laws and customs regarding water use in the region. It concludes with recommendations and guidelines regarding water use for planners, researchers, educators, and farmers.

Its importance lies in bringing together, in concise and readable form, with an Arabic summary, many disparate and obscure sources of information regarding this vital resource. With increasing pressures on water resources, this book will continue to be of great interest.

English with Arabic summary, 1986, 165 pages, index, soft-cover, $7.

Agricultural Education for Development in the Middle East

Edited by John Ryan and Adib T. Saad

This volume contains the proceedings of a conference on the role of agricultural education in the development of the Middle East, sponsored and hosted by the American University of Beirut in April 1979. The conference brought together people involved not only in agriculture and rural development, but also higher education, the provider of trained manpower.

In these twenty papers, specialists in agriculture, nutrition, and education discuss basic aspects of the pertinent problems, and present possible solutions and recommendations for meeting the challenges of the future through enlightened educational programs directed to the needs of the people in the regions involved.

English, 1980, 178 pages, hard cover, $10.

Man, Food and Agriculture in the Middle East

Edited by Thomas Stickley, Joseph A. Asmar, Abdur-Rahman Saghir, Nicholas Atallah, and Peter L. Pellett

In this collection of symposium papers, educators, researchers, sociologists, economists, nutritionists, and others actively involved with the problems of food production in the region were brought together to take an inventory of techniques used in different parts of the world for improving the quantity and quality of food for man, and to compare and contrast these with work then current in the Middle East. The fifty articles are grouped under five sections: agricultural economics, animal production and protection, soil and irrigation, crop production and protection, and food technology and nutrition.

English, 1969, 692 pages, soft-cover, $10.