Angela Harutyunyan



Angela Harutyunyan (PhD) is Associate Professor of Art History at the American University of Beirut. She is editor of ARTMargins peer-reviewed journal (MIT Press). Her research interests include post-Socialist art of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, Socialist Realism and Stalinism, contemporary art in the Middle East, methods and theories of exhibitions, amongst others. She is a curator of several exhibitions, including This is the Time. This is the Record of the Time (with Nat Muller) at SMBA in Amsterdam and the AUB Art Galleries in Beirut (2014 and 2015). Her monograph The Political Aesthetics of the Armenian Avant-garde: The Journey of the “Painterly Real'" was published by Manchester University Press in 2017 and 2019. She is founding member of BICAR (Beirut Institute for Critical Analysis and Research) and the Johannissyan Research Institute in the Humanities in Yerevan, Armenia.​

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