Arabic Language and Literature

​​From the Vineyards of Lebanon: Poems by Khalil Hawi and Nadeem Naimy

Translated with a preface and introduction by Fuad Said Haddad
Translation from one language into another is always a difficult task, particularly with poetry, and the nature of the Arabic language makes such a task even harder. Professor Haddad has achieved this difficult task in translating into English the poems in this book. Khalil Hawi is accepted by critics as one of the leading poets of the Arab world, and this translation opens a door on his writing for those who do not read Arabic. The book also aims to provide readers of English with a demonstration of new trends in Lebanese poetry, hence the two poems by Nadeem Naimy, translated here for the first time. The poems are printed with the English translation and Arabic original side by side.

English with Arabic, 1991, 163 pages, soft-cover, $8.

The Lebanese Prophets of New York

Nadeem Naimy
The author, formerly a professor of Arabic at the American University of Beirut, presents in this volume a fresh reappraisal of the works of three prominent Lebanese writers who emigrated to the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Amin Rihani, Gibran Khalil Gibran, and Mikhail Naimy played prominent roles in the Arabic literary renaissance movement. They also helped bridge the gap between East and West, and were the patriarchal figures behind the Mahjr school of literature. They wrote in Arabic and later in English, and for the first time enabled the western reader to appreciate Arab culture in his own tongue. Between them, the three "prophets" of New York authored more than sixty books.

English, 1985, 111 pages, index, bibliography, hard cover $8.

Studia Arabica et Islamica: Festchrift for Ihsan 'Abbas on his Sixtieth Birthday​

Edited by Wadad Al-Qadi

Major academic contributions on the subjects of classical Arabic literature and Arab history were published in honor of the eminent Arab scholar Ihsan 'Abbas on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. Fifty-six papers by distinguished scholars from many countries make up the volume.

English and Arabic (with German), 1981, 827 pages, hard cover, $50.