Arabic and Islamic Texts and Studies

​​Series Description

This series is comprised of volumes of texts, translations, commentaries and studies of important works of Arabic and Islamic studies from the premodern and modern periods. The series will encompass the major genres of Arabo-Islamic literary production, including works of Quranic studies, Belles-Lettres, Sufism, history, literature, grammar, lexicography, philology, law, medicine and science. Both individual monographs and collected volumes addressed to any of these topics will be considered for inclusion in the series. The main languages of books will be English and Arabic.


Series Editors

  • ​Maurice A. Pomerantz, NYU Abu Dhabi

Editorial Board

  • ​Sean Anthony, The Ohio State University
  • Philip Kennedy, New York University
  • Adam Sabra, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • George Saliba, Columbia University, AUB
  • Ahmed El Shamsy, University of Chicago
  • Devin Stewart, Emory University

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