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​​Al-Makhtutat al-Arabiyya al-Mawjuda fi Maktabat al-Jami'a al-Amrikiyya fi Bayrut - [The Arabic Manuscripts in the American University of Beirut Library]

Yusuf Khoury

A catalogue of the 1,991 Arabic manuscripts in AUB's Jafet Library. Of these, 1,301 are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Others, on microfilm, have also been catalogued. A thorough description of each manuscript is provided, giving first and last lines, style of calligraphy, and so on. The author also shows how the university came to possess these manuscripts. The work is an invaluable guide to scholars and researchers.

Arabic, 1985, 739 pages, hard cover, $27.

The Civil War in Lebanon, 1975–76: A Bibliographical Guide

Compiled by Linda Sadaka and Nawaf Salem

This bibilography lists 572 Arabic and 388 English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese sources on the early civil war in Lebanon. It includes books and periodicals, theses, studies, poems, plays, drawings, and documents on internal, regional, and international aspects of the war. The listing excludes newspaper material and general works unrelated to the war, making it an invaluable guide to libraries and researchers. Subject as well as author indexes make for easy reference.

Arabic and English, 1982, 94 pages, indexes, soft-cover, $3.

Fihris al-Muqtataf, 1876–1952 - [The Index of al-Muqtataf, 1876–1952)]

Edited by Fuad Sarruf and Linda Sadaka

The Muqtataf was one of the leading Arabic scientific and cultural monthly journals of the latter part of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries. Published in Egypt and edited for many years by Ya'qub Sarruf and Faris Nimr, the editorship was later taken up by Fuad Sarruf, a well-known Arab literary figure and writer on science.

The index comes in three volumes. Entries are listed under the author's name, title, and subject of the articles, each followed by volume number, year, and page.  Unfortunately, volume 3 is out-of-print.

Arabic, 1967, 1968, Vol 1: 753 pages; Vol 2: 708 pages; Vol. 3: 698 pages, hard cover, $15 each.

Bibliography of AUB Faculty Publications, 1866–1966

Edited by Suha Tamin

This volume contains a listing of the publications of 571 individuals who served at one time or another and for various lengths of time as members of the faculty of the American University of Beirut during its first hundred years. In all, the publications number nearly six thousand, of which about a fifth are books, while the rest are articles published in over 500 different journals. The bibliography clearly shows the development of AUB as a center for research as well as a teaching institution.

English, 1967, 401 pages, soft-cover, $7.

A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of Economic Literature on the Arabic Speaking Countries of the Middle East

Economic Research Unit, AUB

The bibliographies in these two volumes, covering 1938–1952 and 1953–1965, give listings of publications, reports and monographs on the economies of the Arabic-speaking countries of the region – that is, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, Jordan and Palestine (pre-1948). The annotations that follow entries are descriptive of their content. Together the books form an important resource for the historian.

English with some Arabic and French, 1954 and 1967, Vol I: 1938–52, 210 pages, soft-cover, $2; Vol II: 1953–65, 472 pages, soft-cover, $2.

An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Periodicals in English Dealing with Human Relations in the Arab States of the Middle EastEconomic Literature on the Arabic Speaking Countries of the Middle East with Special Emphasis on Modern Times (1945–1954)

Jean T. Burke

The entries are organized by subject and further divided by geographic area (the Middle East in general, Egypt and the Sudan, the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Lebanon, Palestine and Transjordan, and Iraq).  The subjects covered are: Anthropology and Ethnology, Education, Family and Kinship, Population and Demography, Social Change and Social Movements, Social Control and Communication, Social Factors in Economic Development, Social Problems, Social Psychology, Social Structure, General Works, Reference, and Bibliography.  There are also author and subject indexes. 

English, 1956, soft-cover, $1.

A Post-War Bibliography of the Near Eastern Mandates, 1919–1930.  Miscellaneous Fascicle​

St. H. Stephan (ed.)

This is a preliminary survey of publications on the social sciences dealing with Iraq, Palestine and Transjordan, and the Syrian states from 11 November 1918 to 31 December 1929.  It is arranged in an alphabetical list by author with a limited index by subject.  It is one of eight fascicles that were prepared, and covers the "miscellaneous oriental languages" of Armenian, Kurdish, Syriac, and Turkish.  The other fascicles, unfortunately now out-of-print, were for Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Italian.  There was also a fascicle for Arabic periodicals.   

English, Armenian, Kurdish, Syriac, and Turkish, 1936, soft-cover, $1.50.

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