God and Man in Contemporary Christian Thought


Editor: Charles Malik

 Language: English with some Arabic and French
 Subject: Religion
 Publication Date: 1970
 Number of Pages: 150
 Book Dimensions: 16.5*23.6 cm
 Cover Type: Paperback
 Price: $7

During the centennial of the American University of Beirut, two philosophy symposia were held on the general theme of “God and Man in Contemporary Religious Thought." As Lebanon is a unique meeting place of the two great world religions of Christianity and Islam, one symposium was devoted to contemporary Christian thought, while the other was devoted to contemporary Islamic thought.

Ten of the papers are presented in God and Man in Contemporary Christian Thought in the languages in which they were given by scholars and churchmen from different traditions. Their subjects range from “Philosophy and Faith in an Age of Science" to reflections on the ecumenical movement, and the oriental orthodox churches.